About Us

N.A.S. Inc. was founded in 1981 by William “Woody” and Terry Overmyer.  Our founders settled in the small lakeside community of Marblehead, OH where they started a small bait and tackle store close to a newly constructed public boat launch.  Owning a small bait and tackle shop was not easy but eventually they grew the business into one of the largest local live bait distributors in the area.  Today we continue to service over 350 local bait and tackle stores, gas stations and convenience stores within a 100 mile radius of our location in Marblehead, Ohio.

In the late 1980’s, N.A.S. Inc.  started advertising in the classified section of Field and Stream Magazine offering live bait shipped directly to your door.  The business quickly grew, and we created www.bestbait.com.  Bestbait.com was one of the first retail ecommerce website specializing in live bait directly to the consumer. We specialize in Canadian Nightcrawlers, Butterworms and preserved Emerald Shiners.   We currently import over 9 million butterworms a year.  We also catch and preserve emerald shiners throughout the year.

Sadly, William passed in 2008 and his oldest son Christopher took over.  Christopher has been involved in the business since the beginning and grew up cupping worms, captaining minnow boats and delivering to our local customers.   Christopher with his wife Amanda and their amazing staff continue to this day striving to make every customer experience a great one.